The stories here are listed in order of appearance, not necessarily when they sold. My short fiction is pretty much all over the map. It ranges from sf to fantasy to dark fantasy and covers a fairly wide range of styles and settings – although, now that I think about it, death seems to be a common theme, even in the most whimsical piece.

When I first began to write, I wrote short stories. Short stories felt manageable. They seemed like a good place to learn the craft and art of fiction. At the time, that was the conventional wisdom – start out small and work your way up. Sell a few short stories and use them to leverage a novel. What could be easier?


I soon learned that short stories are a lot harder to write than they look. For one thing, they're pretty closely related to poetry. Every word counts.

Still, I somehow managed to sell a few short stories. Then I decided to try my hand at writing novels. I discovered that I seem to have a better innate feel for novels. A novel is more forgiving than a short story. So I stopped writing short stories for a few of years. They didn't pay all that well, anyway.

And found that I missed it. The things that made short stories frustrating to write were precisely what made them rewarding.

So, now I'm back to working on short fiction when I can.