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"...succeeds as both a noir thriller and an acerbic comment on an image-obsessed culture. "
– Gary K. Wolfe, Locus

"A fresh and funky cyber-bio future. In his first two books, the duology of Clade (2003) and Crache (2004), Mark Budz revealed himself to be an energetic, hip and talented post-cyberpunk, with a refreshing predilection for speculating on what bioengineering would bring. This new book finds Budz still hip, energetic and talented, but he's shifted his focus a bit, from the exclusively biological to the digitally prosthetic."
– Paul D. Filippo, SCI FI Weekly

"Whenever anyone complains that American science fiction is dying, one of the first names I tend to mention is Mark Budz. The sort of SF that Budz produces is more in the mold of the interesting story with the futuristic background, as produced by Jon Courtenay Grimwood, than the hard science of the likes of Bear, Benford and Brin, but that doesn’t mean to say that his science is in any way trivial. He also thinks quite hard about the social implications of the technologies he uses."
– Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

"The interplay of culture, biology, and technology is fascinating..."
– Niall Harrison, Strange Horizons

"Idolon is a fun, old-fashioned science fiction noir thriller with a well-thought out premise and up-to-the minute scientific speculations—on everything from wearable computers and what kind of viruses they might get to artificial intelligence and the future of the family."
– Gavin J. Grant,