Idolon is my third novel by Bantam Spectra, published in July, 2006. Like Clade, it was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award.

The book is departure from the biopunk future of Clade and Crache, and uses programmable matter to explore the affect of image on identity in a mass-mediated society. Electronic skin – a membrane woven out of nanoscopic semiconducting threads – makes it possible for anybody to digitally "philm" himself or herself to look like someone else. This is done by downloading images from movies, video games, or any other digitized media. It's a world where people can be anyone they want to be, where they pray that the change is more than skin deep, where they philm themselves to be part of a certain "cast," and where appearance says as much about who they are as what they are.


Tristan Davenport, Strange Horizons

John Joseph Adams, SCI FI Wire

Jose Garcia, Meme Therapy

First Chapter

White-hot fog. It boiled over the halogen-lighted streets – scalding to look at but cool against the skin.

Kasuo van Dijk pulled his overcoat tighter against the dank mist, shut the door to his unmarked car, and stepped onto gritty concrete.

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