Crache is my second novel, published by Bantam Spectra in November, 2004. The book is a stand-alone sequel to Clade, and attempts to build on the idea of clades by exploring a world where biological information (such as DNA and designer drugs) can be digitized, electronically transmitted, and downloaded into people. The transmission and exchange of “biodigital” information makes it possible to electronically control the biochemistry of individuals, groups, and entire populations. Another thing I wanted to examine was the viral, recombinant nature of mass-mediated images. Set on Earth and in the Kuiper belt, the book focuses on three people – Rexx, Fola, and L. Mariachi – who are either running or hiding from the past. Each is searching for a way to start over. Eventually, their paths intersect, brought together by a disaster that threatens to restructure reality.

First Chapter


The cross weighs on Fola. Even in the micro-g of the asteroid it seems to exert a downward pull. The sensation is more mental than physical. She knows that. The slave-pherions that bound her to the Jesuettes have been cut out with chemical scalpels. But her mind still registers the weight of the cross the way it would the phantom pain of a severed limb.

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