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"...Budz has imagined a world with sufficient texture and resonance to make it not only a rewarding place to explore, but one worth thinking about, and one worth revisiting."
– Gary K. Wolfe, Locus

"A gritty Stablefordian Cal-biotech cover scanhard-SF future, and an exceptionally fine first novel."
– Peter D. Tillman, Infinity Plus

" absorbing debut novel."
– T. M. Wagner, SF

"Clade is a very accomplished first novel–indeed, it's a very accomplished novel full stop."
– Graham Sleight,

"Sure Clade has bitchin' new biotech. Sure, Clade has cool ideas and neat extrapolations...But Clade also has mothers who love their children, brothers who stand up for each other, decent people trying to do the right thing, and a man and a woman who refuse to let this strange new world change what is most basic and human about them – their love and respect for each other."
– Lori Ann White, Strange Horizons

"Budz' world sizzles with glamorous possibility..."
– Chris Watson, Santa Cruz Sentinal